Advantages and disadvantages.

This is a storage container of recently picked apples, ready to be preserved in the refrigerating storeroom. Apples with visible defects or imperfections that affect their ability to be conserved were removed from the batch while still in the fields.

As can be seen, organic apples are not "ugly". In this first sorting that took place in the fields, only a small part of the apples to be discarded were removed; apples affected by rustiness can still be seen. A definitive sorting will take place when packaging the apples in boxes.

These are the Stark Delicious red apples, just as they are when picked. They are still dull: they will be washed in running water and brushed before being sold. This will make them shiny and inviting like the ones in fairy tales.

This is a bunch of Golden Delicious apples. In the close-up of the apple, a trace of rust can be seen.
This was caused by the treatments used to protect apples against scabs administered with the products permitted by the CEE 834/07 -889/08 regulations. It is possible that this apple was damp for a long time and with the cold temperature, its skin cracked.

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