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About our farm.
Our farm extends approximately twelve hectares of rugged mountainous terrain, in a single plot of land in the Non Valley in Trentino, with apple orchards as far as the eye can see. Of this surface, two hectares of natural forests were left which not only isolate it, but allow it to never be at a shortage of insects, many of which are useful. This farm, which was already structured this way since our grandfathers' days, was given a new direction in 1985 when we eliminated all plant protection products and synthesis fertilizers, in order to introduce organic farming.

In 1986, collaboration began with the San Michele Agricultural Institute. We studied, in our orchards, the behavioral patterns of several species of insects, and the effectiveness of some containment strategies for some of these species. This joint effort brought about, a constant flow of visits from several European Institutes interested on the subject, and caused field experts to regard this method, so radically different from the one conventionally used, without so much skepticism. Thus, BIOMELA was born. In 1990 our cooperation with AIAB began which, to this day, certifies our crops..

We produce apples in the Golden Delicious, Red Delicious Stark, Red Chief, Hi-Early, Royal Gala, Gloster, Granny Smith, Selena, Jonagold varieties, available each year from November to June, stored in our warehouse in a atmosphere-controlled environment. For a greater guaranty, our apples are grown, matured, packaged and rendered directly in our company.


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