Val di Non
We find it necessary to present the place that acts as our host
since it is especially generous to our work:
the Non Valley.

In Italy this name is known and approved of by apple consumers. We were very much aided by the predisposition of the area; in fact, it is a valley of forests and apple orchards.

The land, the exposure to light, the climate, all of this is favorable for this type of cultivation.
  • The farmland is covered by an immense variety of herbs and flowers typical of mountains and of lands that are not weeded. This variety and abundance of flora is essential not only for the existence of different types of insects, but also for the formation of humus in the soil; the nutrient that will give life to the trees and their fruit.

    light: the Non Valley is extremely vast, despite the fact that it is surrounded by the Dolomite Mountains. At this point, it is known how important the hours of light and their quality are to both the well being of man and that of plants. In particular, it is the rays of sunshine from dawn until dusk, which enable plants to absorb and select the nutritional elements to be elaborated during the daytime hours, which will, in turn, provide their organoleptic characteristics. These characteristics, such as flavor and aroma, will give a pleasant sensation to the palate and nose of whoever tastes them. As a matter of fact, smell has an effect on the health of man; it sends an important message, which, in some cases, stimulates the endocrine glands. .


  • climate: probably the most important factor for the quality of the apple. The day/night temperature fluctuations, that is, elevated temperatures during the day, followed by much lower ones at night, is a characteristic which cannot be reproduced artificially; this gives apples the typical "tanned" color and contributes to the development of its excellent flavor.
    We have decided to take advantage of these resources and to optimize in order to have them contribute to the production of something truly special.




  • air: we are lucky to be far from the main highways, to be a predominantly agricultural valley, rich in forests and therefore of not having to endure the atmospheric pollution derived from transportation.


  • water: being a mountain valley, there is heavy rainfall during the warm seasons; irrigation is done with mountain spring water only when needed. Due to the fact that the terrain is mostly at a steep slope, the evaporation of water from the land is very limited.

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