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Some varieties of apples

Golden Delicious Stark Delicious Red Chief Braeburn Granny Smith

golden grappolo

In an organic farm, it is particularly difficult to obtain apples free from rustiness, especially in the hills and mountains where cold temperatures are often present usually well into the Spring; this condition provides a breeding ground for this type of phenomenon.

It's light-colored skin renders visible every imperfection or defect: a simple bug bite on this fruit is enough to cause a visible, thin, red ring on the skin: in actuality, this is nothing but the release of protective substances on the part of the fruit in order to defend it from the scratch. It is the confirmation of the fruit's auto-defense activity; under the skin, there hardly ever is any damage.


Sweet in taste, with reduced sourness, and very juicy. It is an extremely aromatic apple; its skin is of an intense red, evenly distributed throughout the fruit and preferably striped. It has an elongated shape, medium being the preferred size since, in larger apples, the pulp may lose some of the firmness and juiciness that characterize this particular type.

This variety spread along with the Golden, especially since it is a good pollinator of the latter. This apple is also of American origin, and makes up about 10% of the apples produced in Europe if it is added to the family of the Red Delicious, which actually derive from the Stark. Today, the production of the red variety is increasing since consumer demand is beginning to lean toward this type.

For this variety of apple, hilly terrain is also the suitable environment in which to grow them since it allows the fruits to take on a more intense color. However, since the blossoming and harvest of these fruits takes place prior to that of the Golden variety, this apple has to endure low temperatures which usually affect hills and mountains in the spring, during the blossoming.


They are extremely preservable, and hardly susceptible to diseases since they have the ability to form, over their own skin, a thin, invisible layer of protective wax. Once washed, they are shiny and inviting just like the poisoned apple that the witch gives to Snow White.


It is known as the green apple with a low sugar content, suitable for those interested in dieting. It is very firm, juicy and tart.




It is a medium-sized apple with yellow colored skin, randomly tinted pink; firm and juicy pulp with an elevated content of sugars and careful balance between these and its acidity; delicately aromatic. It has a thinner skin than other varieties.

It is originally American and started becoming popular in the 1950's. To this day, it stands for 40% of the European apple production. It has a long shelf life and can be found on our tables from mid September to the end of June of the following year. The farming environment is very important to its quality: mountainous or hilly terrains are ideal in order for these apples to obtain optimal coloring and an autumnal tan, as well as for the right consistency of the pulp and aroma; in short, the perfect balance of its components.

golden del

red delicious


This variety, cultivated organically in our farms, has developed an extraordinary conservation capacity. Usually, this variety produced in Europe has to be sold by April/May, after which time they mature and run the risk of becoming powdery. This does not happen to our Red Delicious, instead, they tend to outlast the conservation period of the Golden. We believe that this takes place due to a greater amount of dry matter within the fruit.


Among the Red Delicious several other types can be found which the staff assigned to the job call Spur. These varieties are slightly more resistant and fruitful than the Stark.

They have the same elongated shape, deep red, evenly colored skin, and the same organoleptic characteristics, except for the pulp, which is even firmer.


Discovered and initiated in New Zealand, this variety produces a less-attractive fruit than the Red Delicious, but with excellent taste properties; the flavor is slightly sour. It is rounder than the Red Delicious and is yellow-green with red "stripes". This variety's diffusion and demand is increasing. Long lasting.

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