Organic apples since 1985

Why organic?
This adventure began because a desire was born within us to regain possession of the laws and mechanisms that rule the agricultural field in order to stop feeling as gears of an economic mechanism, which I believe is "the maximum yield, at any cost".

We believe that ours is an economically important enterprise since it generates energy for society: in fact, it generates its nourishment. It is an operation that can give, to whomever dedicates himself to it with passion and care, the perception of the changes that the world is going through, and the painful experiences it has already put us through. We decided then, to take on this road outside of the conventional schemes. It was and still is exciting, and often difficult, to regain possession of the ability to become, once again, farmers with a knowledge of Nature, of its laws, its reactions, its rebellions. We are certain that we are finally acting in compatibility with the environment, proving that this can be done. We are also convinced of the quality of our product because of the enthusiastic response of the consumers we have reached, which fills us with satisfaction.

A prophecy of the Cree tribe states: "when the last tree on earth is cut down, when the last stream is contaminated, when the last fish is caught, then man will understand that money cannot be eaten".


Due to the lack of correct information and of an established market, our work and our product remain, for the time being, confined to a niche for few enthusiasts. To all whom we cannot offer an apple to taste, we would like to send a flavorful and aromatic message, but it is not possible. It is certain that, if chemistry left its own taste in food, their choice would be immediate.

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